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The integration of ethnic minorities in Latgale region: cooperation possibilities of NGO for the solution of problems

Extended view
Source of Funding: EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014
Program: NGO Project Measure (2009-2014)

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Due to the fact that the ethnic minorities are under the risk of social exclusion, because they usually are not included in the public life, are not informed about Latvian traditions and history, on the other hand Latvians are not informed about minorities’ culture and traditions too.
The aim of the Project: to integrate ethnic minorities in life of Latgale region, to present them Latvian culture, traditions, language, as well as to promote cooperation between different ethnic minorities, to find decisions for common problems, to increase NGO capacity, presenting their culture for the inhabitants of Latgale region.
Activities of the Project will involve representatives of national minorities in three ways: integration of children and adults, cooperation between minorities’ NGO.
The target group of the project: ethnic minorities children (6 – 12 years old), minorities youth (from 18 years old), minorities NGO’s.
The realization of the Project will decrease stereotypes in the field of ethnic policy, give the information on identity of ethnic minorities of Latgale region.

Project results: The aim of the Project is to integrate the representatives of the ethnic minorities into life of Latgale region, acquainting them the Latvian culture, traditions, language, as well as to promote the cooperation between the representatives of ethnic minorities for the solution of problems and rising NGO’s capacity by presenting their culture to the inhabitants of Latgale region.
The Project target group was different population groups, such as - 330 minorities and 50 non-citizens. As well as NGOs representing that group rights and interests - 179 members, 21 employees, seven volunteers.
The following results have been achieved:
Latvian language courses (levels A2 and B1), school of non-formal education for children.
Drawing contest for children “Cultural diversity”.
Event “Cultural ball”.
Foundation of “’Association of national cultural societies in Latgale”.
NGO’s forum to achieve stated project aim.
It was established in 100 calendar "National minorities in Latgale" copies, and 350 calendar attachments, which include minority non-governmental organizations.
Movie of Latgale ethnic minorities living in "Latgale Cultural heritage";
13 minority NGOs meeting.

The project was aimed at to introduce ethnic minorities with the Latvian culture and language, as well as promoting minority motivation to promote and preserve their culture and present it to the Latvian people. The overall conclusion is that the project promoted intercultural dialogue and integration of ethnic minorities into Latvian society, contributed useful skills and knowledge of the Latvian culture and the Latvian ethnic minority culture.

Supported by the EEA Grants. Case number: LV03. Programme name: „NGO fund”

Project number: 2013.EEZ/PP/2/MEC/034
Project approval date: 09.07.2014.
Project contract date: 03.10.2014.
Status of the project: Pabeigts
Name of Project Promoter: Society „ERFOLG”
Type of Project Promoter: Association/Foundation
Name of project partner: Daugavpils pilsētas dome
Project implementation region(s): Latgale Region
Project duration, months: 17
Total eligible costs (Programme co-financing and Project Promoter’s contribution): 30736.76 EUR / 21 601.92 LVL;
Programme co-financing (EEA Grants – 95%): 26279.93 EUR / 18 469.64 LVL;
Programme co-financing (State budget – 5%): 1383.15 EUR / 972.08 LVL;
Project Promoter’s contribution: 3073.68 EUR / 2 160.19 LVL;
Legal address: Rēzeknes iela 5a-66, Daugavpils, LV-5421
Phone No.: +37120371892, +37165420019
Website: www.erfolg.lv

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